Adoptable Cats

Artemis Adoption Sponsored

Our longest resident is Artemis is sweet and a little playful, and a little shy. It's hard to get adopted when you hide every time there are people here. However, even though she is shy, she is sweet and loves pets. She takes some time to warm up to people and other animals. 


Anna truly is a princess, she loves to pet and snuggled. She is very talkative and will have a full on conversation with you while you snuggle. She tolerates other cats, however she can tend to be a little slap happy, and she does suffer from the hangries from time to time. Although adopted with her sister Elsa, they do not seemed to be bonded and could be adopted separately


Hans came from a hoarding situation, all of his brothers and sisters have been adopted. He may bare the name of a villian but this loving boy doesnt have a mean bone in his body. Hans may be one of the most patient, loving cats we have ever had the pleasure of rescuing. Hans has never shown any aggression towards another animal or human. He head bumps for pats and kisses and he just wants to be loved, by humans and other cats!!


Joey and Lily were surrendered when their family decided that there was no longer enough room for them. Joey loves attention and will come and snuggles with you for long periods of time. Joey is bonded with Lily, Joey gets along with other cats somewhat. He can be slap happy sometimes, but overall he does ok.


Lily bonded to Joey she is super affectionate and sweet. Lily loves to sit in your lap and be pet. She will follow you around until you give her the attention she clearly deserves. 

Sushi and Ginger

Here's a couple of bonded cuties! Sushi and Ginger are both loving, sweet and playful boys. They are the bestest of friends and will have to be adopted together. At just four months old they are a bundle of fun!

Chopsticks (ChiChi)

This little sweet girl will steal your heart, just a little over 4 months. ChiChi is sweet and loves to snuggle. She gets along with other cats. 

Sriracha (ChaCha)

Don't let name fool, this boy is anything but spicy!! ChaCha is a sweet loving boy, he is five months old and loves kisses on his head. He will just sit and snuggle you all day if you let him!!


 Wasabi is a sweet one year boy, he gets along well with other cats. He loves to be pet and he loves to give head bumps. Wasabi enjoys being combed!! 

All cats are up for adoption through the Ginger Cat Rescue, which is located inside The Lotus Catfe. All cats are spayed or neutered, up to date on shots, de-wormed and microchipped. To apply for adoption please use the link. The adoption fee is $49.00 for adult cats, $99.00 for kittens 6 months or younger, once  the application is approved an invoice for the fee will be sent via email.

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